Services we render

Under skilled category, we offer a large pool of job replacement opportunities ranging from:
  • Engineers (mechanical, plant, structural and civil)
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Teaching/educational staff
  • Telecom industry personnel
  • Hospitality industry staff
  • Health care professionals
Under unskilled category we also offer the best, Ranging from
  • Drivers
  • Hotels and Restaurants services
  • Security guards
  • Facility Workers
  • Retail and supermarket attendants
  • Data entry clerks
  • Laborers
  • House Helps
  • Farm hands
  • Airport Luggage porters
  • Construction staff


Amongst the things we do best in, we are proficient in that:
  • We deliver time and cost-effective staffing solutions
  • We have a robust, structured plan that is adjusted to deliver in line with the agreed requirements from our clients.
  • We are utilized by leading companies that rely on optimal staffing solutions
In general, we shall work with your company/agency to develop tailored recruitment solutions that will deliver outstanding candidates to your organization that match your organizational needs hence iincreased company growth.
We have recruitment experiences that make us the best. Our high value portfolio includes clients ranging from small to medium size business as well as high profile companies and institutions in Africa, Far East and western countries.


Samoline recruitment Agency has undertaken a job market survey in the African region in general and East Africa in particular for our target segments hence we operate from an informed position.
The knowledge of the potential markets helps us plan better. This has included the monitoring of specialized job websites to have a clear picture about the job market in the region.
This has covered the overall market situation and the potential of different functions. The market analysis has also helped us to estimate potential competitors and to focus on their weaknesses and market positions. This helps us build Samoline Recruitment Agency positively and be a leader in the recruitment business.


Our recruitment strategy is more of the proactive category of the "we find you" rather than the commonly used of "you find us". However a mix of the two has brought us good results.
Whereas we do not post notices looking for persons to hire, we also attempt to identify the names of the performers and then contact them directly.
Whereas the first design attracts "the masses", the other is more targeted to minimize the volume of applications and maximize the quality of applicants. Our database comes in handy and provides a relationship-based recruiting strategy. We avoid a system stressing system.
As such we are in the 5% category of recruiting agencies who use a system that does not attract masses that we do not need. We are the most effective of all sourcing strategies. We avoid the broad network approach. As such we use more or our networks than adverts in local dailies.


We have an extensive network of consulting firms within East Africa which makes it quite easy to undertake volumes recruitment strategies in a relatively short time. The network spreads at all levels as we have recruiters at the village level for unskilled labor and semi-skilled.


Our staff are drawn from various competencies and are located at various levels from the grassroots to the National level. This ensures recruitment coverage for extensive areas. This helps to update our database continuously and to recruit at short notice where desired categories do not exist.
At the national level, we have offices in Nairobi and its environs. Our staff have worked and stayed in middle-east for a considerable length of time to understand the needs of the region and culture.
The company has directors who provide policy and give an oversight function to the organization. The director is the Secretarial of 5 experienced consultants and 15 part times. Samoline Recruitment Agency has a reputation that it boasts of when it comes to man power delivery, we deliver the best, competitive clients; we have never failed to hit our mark to our clients and guarantee their success. We are client based. We understand our relationships with the client and our partners and that is what makes us the pace setters.